LED Red Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy
Add-On 20 min/$30.00
*Stand Alone 30 min/ $55.00

RED LED (light emitting diode) therapy with IR (infrared light) done regularly is safe and effective in shortening healing time and a great method for the treatment of acne, reduces erythema, sun-related pigment concerns and some scars, reduces inflammation which provides skin with a stress-free environment for healthy immunity responses, offers anti-aging benefits of reducing wrinkles and an overall relaxed, smooth, plump and more youthful appearance. Applying Red LED to the top of the epidermis (outer most layer of skin) absorbs and stimulates collagen proteins. Collagen fibroblast is important during skin healing. Light engages with skin cells to excite cellular mitosis. Red light is the primary light which starts this activation of cellular activity. LED light does not emit UV-ultraviolet rays.

BLUE LED light in combination with Red LED is applied for treating oily or acne skin. Blue light targets sebaceous glands (oil glands) and acne causing bacteria which contributes to cyst, pimples, breakouts and follicle congestion.

IR “Infrared” Light – Our Red and Blue LED both contain IR which is invisible to the eye. IR rays are absorbed through the epidermis to stimulate cellular mitosis and activate collagen proteins and growth, as well as rid and purify the skin of toxins. Skin purification is essential when supporting immunity responses. Encouraging cellular mitosis and collagen growth smooths fine lines and wrinkles along with providing a youthful, plump complexion.

*Please Note: Established clients may be permitted to have stand-alone high frequency treatments within a week of a facial treatment as maintenance. Stand- Alone price is $55.00 which includes cleansing and finishing products.

10-20 minutes per treatment twice weekly is recommended and works best after exfoliation for optimum results.

LED light therapy is a wonderful add-on after microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and chemical peels to soothe skin and aid with quicker healing and anti-aging benefits.

Contraindications for LED Light Therapy

Epilepsy, Thyroid Conditions, Pregnancy, Sensitivity to Migraines or Headaches, topical or systemic steroids, sunlight sensitive medications.

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